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We can’t help but stare at those mouth-watering foods and cuisines that we see in commercial or even from menus belonging from high class restaurants. Sure, they look scrumptious and no doubt, it would actually taste divine but really, nothing beats a mom’s cooking. And no matter how sassy the ingredients could be, no matter how interesting and marvelous the taste it, at the end of the day, you will still go home whining about how much you missed your mom’s cooking. This site is about some of my best homemade cuisines with their recipe. If my family loves it, I’m sure you love it too!

Youth Dirt Bikes for Adventure Seekers


Many children today are addicted to video games, but this does not mean that all of them are. Some children still want the outdoor thrill of exploring and the taste of physical action. There are many extreme sports that can cater to these children. Most of these sports are actually designed for adults but some modifications are made in order to accommodate the younger audiences. Some children go for paintball battles; some of them are into airsoft. These things actually train them to be better at that particular sport and become professionals when the time comes.

What is Dirt Biking
Dirt biking is one of the extreme sports that is made for adults and professionals but is also modified for younger people. It involves real bikes with mechanical engines and powered by fuel. This is actually a race using these bikes and the racers can go for some tricks to earn points. There are certain obstacles in the race course and the racers can use them as ramps in order to make the bike fly into the air and glide back down. These things earn them points that can contribute to the win. Some versions of dirt biking is not a race but pure exhibition. It may be hard to believe but children are capable of doing all these stunts.

The Dirt Bike
The dirt bike is the main tool of this sport; ​youth dirt bikes sare the ones being used by the children. They can be very light because they are modified in order to fit the body weight and size of the child. Some of these bikes can have the same engine as those ones powering larger bikes. This means that these bikes have the same power as the larger counterparts. They can also be very much agile because of the smaller size and weight allowing them to make better tricks and stunts.

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